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Financialtradingexplained.com is a website designed to help retail users learn how to trade their own money. Current market trends indicate that individuals are increasingly leaning toward investing their own money, instead of entrusting a professional trader with their hard earned cash. This is largely due to current market volatility and a lack of trust in financial institutions, but also due to that the cost of entry for trading has fallen sharply and it is now possible to open a trading account with very little capital. Our website will help you understand the markets, give you the tools to take advantage of them and crucially, manage your own trading account. Our materials differ in complexity to help those who have never studied finance or worked in the field before, and also to support more advanced traders.

Stefano Ceacmacudis – Founder

 As a German / Greek national, born and raised in Hamburg, I moved to London in 2002 where I studied Business Administration at Richmond University. Upon graduating I joined a top Financial Institution, as a Sales-Trader, a role I held for four years, before joining the management team as a Financial Trainer. In this role I was responsible for holding training seminars, giving presentations and mentoring junior traders. Latterly I was promoted to Head of Financial Training, where I managed a team of Training Managers, and held overall responsibility for the training requirements of the company in London, and for our overseas offices. I also had a hand in developing new trading platforms and products.
Having successfully traded my own money for over 10 years, and with an eight-year career at a market leading Financial Institution under my belt, I decided it was time to utilise the skills I had acquired and left the business to focus on my personal trading portfolio and to start financialtradingexplained.com. My focus is now to make financial trading accessible to everyone. My articles cover different aspects of trading; what they are, what they mean, and how you can use them to your advantage. You will see my style is purposefully none text book and pretty basic at times, this is so everyone, including novice traders, can learn and start seeing results quickly.
 If you find our material helpful we would love it if you showed your support by reviewing our website and spreading the word to other traders that could profit from our help.

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