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UK election 2017

UK General Election

UK election 2017


More uncertain times for the UK, markets hate uncertainty. What is known for now is that the UK election 2017 has resulted in a hung parliament. This means Theresa May seems more uncertain as leader of the conservatives, even though she has confirmed that she will stay on as the leader this morning.

Jeremy Corbyn was predicted to be un unelectable but after such strong results he has now cemented his place as leader of the labour party. Even though labour has not won, it is a personal win for Mr Corbyn by strongly outperforming predictions.

Further to this, the UK Brexit talks which were supposed to start in 10 days but now that a clear leader and mandate is missing. The conservatives were aiming for a hard Brexit but the current view in the media is that this stance might soften now. If a coalition with the DUP in Northern Ireland would be looked at by parties, the topic of a potential hard border could dominate the agenda for any coalition.

The EU has commented that Brexit negations might not go forward as planned due to the hung parliament, making the two year deadline for the talks now even harder to manage.     

SNP has lost many seats in Scotland but remains the biggest party in Scotland. It seems that people in Scotland were not that interested in a second independence referendum.

A lot of uncertain times a head after the UK election 2017.


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